Automatic coin changer

monnayeurs automatiques horeca cashmatic smart4invest

Manage cash handling with peace of mind

Rentals starting from €5 per day

Discover our range of automatic coin changers, the ideal solution to simplify cash handling in your establishment.

monnayeurs automatiques horeca cashmatic smart4invest
Our clients trust us and recommend us:
"It's been six months now since we've been using this automatic coin changer, and I have to say it has really changed the game for our small family business. It has allowed us to manage our transactions much more easily, and it has really freed up time to better serve our customers."
Sam Lessieur

Fast and accurate counting

No more errors and long hours spent manually counting coins and bills!

Maximum security

Protect your funds and your customers' information with our advanced security technologies.

Enhanced management

Connect our automatic coin changers to your terminal or cash register and enjoy optimal cash management.

Three models according to your needs

Simplify and speed up your cash handling

Discover our range of three automatic coin changers designed to automate your cash management, perfectly suited to the needs of your establishment.

  • Speed

    From 4 up to 10 payments per minute

  • Cash drawer capacity

    From 70 to 180 bills and €1500 in coins

  • Counterfeit detection

    Protect yourself against potential losses related to the circulation of counterfeit currency

  • Remote control

    Control your cash drawer anytime from your payment terminal, smartphone, tablet, or computer

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Simplify your cash management today

Optimize your business with our automatic coin changer

Whether you own a restaurant, a store, or any other type of establishment, our solution provides you with an efficient way to manage your cash flow with ease.

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Automate your cash handling

Transform your cash handling process into an automated system to accommodate more customers in less time. Free up that time to focus on the customer experience.

Protect your business and your employees

Secure your business against calculation errors, theft, and fraud with our connected coin changer solution.

Increase hygiene in your establishment

By providing a safer and more hygienic working environment, you also protect your valuable employees from potential risks associated with handling cash.

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Adaptable to the design of your establishment

Connect our coin sorters to your cash register system

Integrate our coin sorters with your existing point-of-sale system or deploy them autonomously to boost your business efficiency.

Our coin sorters offer seamless integration with your existing cash register system, allowing you to manage your cash centrally and efficiently.

Moreover, if desired, we can also design and install custom-made cash drawers for your establishment, along with self-service kiosks to streamline transactions, and seamlessly integrate them with your coin sorter.

Get an offer that suits you!

Our team is by your side at every step of the process!

Imagine a streamlined process where your employees can quickly and accurately count and sort cash, thus reducing the risk of human errors and theft.

Adaptable to the design of your establishment

Perfect installation for your counter

Our automatic cash handlers are designed to fit any type of counter, offering optimal flexibility for your sales space.

If you have specific requirements for your counter, our team collaborates with experienced professionals to customize your space according to your specific needs.

However, our models are also designed to seamlessly integrate with existing counters, ensuring a smooth transition to our cutting-edge technology.

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Custom Payment Solutions

We customize our solutions to maximize financial efficiency and simplify payment management, precisely addressing your individual needs.

Continuous technical support

We provide assistance 7 days a week to ensure the comfort of all our clients and to guarantee an optimal level of service.

Quick installation

Thanks to our strategic locations in Lasne and Waterloo, we are committed to ensuring fast delivery times throughout Belgium.

Focus on what really matters!

Invest in the future of your business by choosing our connected automatic cash handling solution!

Contact us today to learn more about our products and get a free, no-obligation quote.